Ex Libris & ProQuest Product Strategy Webinar

Ex Libris and ProQuest have now completed the formation of a new business unit: Ex Libris, a ProQuest company.  Please join us for a presentation and discussion of how we will continue to support your existing solutions, as well as our plans for the future.

Please register here for the webinar, which will be presented at four different times to allow people from all regions to attend.



Alma library management solution

How will a single, unified system improve your daily routine?

To find out more about how Alma can transform your library's operations and collection management, register here to view videos in which leaders from academic libraries describe their experience of implementing and using Alma.


Customer Stories - Primo discovery and delivery solution

Find out how Primo can revolutionize your users' discovery experience

Register here to find out more about the Primo discovery and delivery solution and to receive a complete pack of Primo information resources and videos.   


Rosetta Resources and Videos

Every institution has its own story - Preserve Yours!

Register here to find out more about the Rosetta digital management and preservation solution  and to receive videos, case studies, and further information.


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Contact us

If you have any questions about Ex Libris webinars, please contact us at webinar.center@exlibrisgroup.com
North American institutions may also register to receive updates about upcoming webinars and events or email custdev@exlibrisgroup.com