bX Usage-Based Services transform your discovery experience!

bXTM  Usage-Based Services use analytics and data-mining of raw usage data to enrich and expand the researcher’s discovery experience.

bX creates new insights by exposing usage patterns, associations between topics, authors and articles as well as popularity and success of library systems.

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bX usage data
The bX suite of services is based on data mining and structured analysis of usage data obtained from hundreds of research institutions worldwide, using patent-pending technology. Leveraging the expertise of the networked scholarly community, this usage data represents researchers’ patterns of selecting the information they seek for their work and studies, across platforms, publishers, and journals.

bX services for discovery and evaluation
Article discovery services based on usage patterns and the choices of other scholars help users find information they may not have found otherwise. It tells them what topics are most relevant in their disciplines and how topics and selections change over time.  The bX Recommender is already used by over 1000 institutions worldwide, giving researchers a special discovery experience. Libraries can also use bX Hot Articles to help them select material that is most relevant in their user’s subject field.

Why bX Usage-Based services?
bX captures usage data from millions of users of scholary material worldwide
* across institutions
* across journals and publishers
bX Usage-Based Services
* find relevant material for the user
* save users' time
* expose value based on users’ choices
* support service optimization based on analytics